Cooonet Charity Center

Students in Need

We want to provide educational resources to students in all parts of the world, particularly to those living in underdeveloped and impoverished regions.

There are Students in Need who have very limited access to reasonable educational resources. Their future is bleak, with little to no hope of upward mobility. Join us in assisting these students by offering your care and service, or by donating to the cause of educational equality.

Donation: Cooonet Charity Center relies on donations from compassionate individuals in order to sustain tuition support for Students in Need. We guarantee that donations will be used solely for this express purpose. We welcome you to make a donation of any amount to Cooonet's existing Charitable Funds or directly to a Student in Need.

To make a donation, please first register a Cooonet Account. All Cooonet members may make donations. As a Donor member, you are able to form a Charitable Fund of your own and donate under your company or personal name. Cooonet does not charge a fee for services related to charity. All uses of funds are fully transparent.

Student-in-Need: You may review all our background and policy information regarding Students in Need at Student-in-Need List.
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Charitable Fund: You may search for and browse all established Charitable Funds at Charitable Fund List. Charitable Funds can be created under the name of an individual or a company. You may form your own Charitable Fund, manage it yourself or appoint a manager.
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Statements of Charitable Fund Use: You may review our Statements of Charitable Fund Use.
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Recommend Student-in-Need: Please register a Cooonet Account and then register as a Recommender Member.

Volunteer Tutor: Volunteer Tutors provide tutoring services to Students in Need for free or for a small fee capped at 60 CoooCoin Account per hour. If you are interested in becoming a Cooonet Volunteer Tutor, please register for a Cooonet Account and then further register as a Tutor.

Together, we make the world a better place.