Information on Services

Online Learning and Digital Services

You can teach or learn a variety of skills and subject matters effectively and flexibly in personalized private lessons on Cooonet's platform. You may also volunteer to provide tutoring for free or for a small fee to a designated Student-in- Need.

Cooonet is a service exchange platform that allows highly precise matchmaking between tutors and learners – some criteria include field, subject, course, time preference, and lesson cost. Tutoring is to be carried out "face-to- face” in a real-time audio-visual communication environment, delivered over high speed Internet connection.

Cooonet does not charge a fee for services related to Online Learning. However, we thankfully accept any portion of your earnings as a donation to the Cooonet Charity Center.

Digital Learning Materials

To help optimize teaching and learning efficiency, you can buy and sell Learning Material on the Cooonet platform. You may also share or obtain Learning Material free of charge.

We invite Learning Material providers to upload digitized files onto our platform, either as merchants or to share with no charge. This feature enables convenient, platform-integrated access to valuable Learning Materials to facilitate the experience for both tutors and learners.