Vision and Mission


Our Vision is to build a city in the clouds, a digital economy that thrives on human ingenuity and human relationships. The Marketplace is one of the oldest forms of organized economic activity, and Cooonet has brought this exchange model fully online and into the 21st century.


Our First Mission is to make the world flatter

by effectively redistributing knowledge resources: to help every student in need, haves and have-nots, in developed cities and underprivileged regions/villages; to give everyone a chance to serve, and be served, with or without a fee; to create free interactive spaces for everyone to learn from one another.

Our Second Mission is to make the world smaller

by breaking language, cultural, and time-place barriers, and making learning available anytime, anywhere.

Our Third Mission is to make the world happier

by giving everyone an opportunity to help and be helped, especially the young, the poor and the disadvantaged.

What is Cooonet?

Cooonet is a worldwide multipurpose online service exchange platform that will initially offer services and functions that facilitate real-time, one-on-one interactive teaching and learning experiences anytime, anywhere over cyberspace, as well as a fully transparent Cooonet Charity Center initiative. In the future, Cooonet will expand its horizons beyond education, learning, and skill acquisition. The Platform will evolve to serve and accommodate various other services.
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Online Learning and Digital Services

You can meaningfully share or effectively learn valuable know-how, knowledge and skills in highly personalized private lessons hosted in our digital sessionroom.
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Digital Learning Materials

To help maximize teaching and learning efficiency, you can buy or sell relevant Learning Materials online on the platform’s CoooIPUR market.
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Cooonet Charity

We gladly welcome, and deeply appreciate, your involvement and support of Cooonet's charity work. You may donate to our cause in providing aid and education to students in need, or charitably volunteer your services as a tutor. Cooonet does not charge any fee for services related to charity. All uses of funds are fully transparent.
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