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Teaching anytime, anywhere!
  • Teach people from different countries all across the world!
  • Teach students in need from poorer, less privileged regions!
  • Teach for fun, to build experience, or to earn an income!
Learning anytime, anywhere!
  • Learn from the comfort of your home or from a cafe!
  • Learn languages from native speakers living in their motherland!
  • Learn for the sake of education, to acquire skills, or simply for fun!
Face-to-face, one-on-one Online Learning and Services

Cooonet Platform provides precise matching between tutors and learners. Search for the right class, right time, right price, and right person!

Please first register for a basic Cooonet Account and then further register to be a Tutor or a Learner.

Digital Learning Materials

Cooonet Platform hosts an integrated online market for the circulation of digital Learning Materials. Tutors and learners have easy access to a large pool of educational resources! Suppliers of Digital Learning Materials can upload their goods to Cooonet as merchants for-profit or to share free-of-charge!

Please first register a Cooonet Account and then further register to be a Learning Material Supplier.

Main Charity Sponsors
Students in Need and the Cooonet Charity Center

As the saying goes, "Education changes one's destiny".

Too many of today’s youth live in poverty, desperate for a better education and a brighter future. They have little to no access to reasonable educational resources, and do not receive the nurture and care they need to grow.

Cooonet is committed to supporting these students in need. We want to help as many of the less privileged to evade lifelong poverty as we can. We believe in giving everyone a chance to strive and hope for a brighter future. You, too, can join us in our efforts to make education available to every strata of society. You, too, can share our vision of a better world! Together, we can make a difference.

How can we all help? Cooonet's mission is to distribute educational resources to students in need! You can donate directly to a specific Student in Need or to established charitable funds. All donations are expressly used to subsidize the free tuition we offer to Students in Need all around the world.

We believe that aside from money, an individual has other valuables things to act charitably with: their time, their attention, their knowledge. Through Cooonet's service platform, you can provide online volunteer tutoring to these students, for free as an act of volunteer work, or for a small compensation fee funded by Cooonet Charity Center.

Learn more about about Cooonet Charity Center and register now.

Cooonet does not charge any fee for services related to charity. All uses of funds are fully transparent.

Improving the Platform

Our Platform is presently undergoing intensive beta testing prior to its soft launch. We welcome all feedback and suggestions for improvements. If you would like to participate in the Cooonet Project, you are most welcome to get in touch with our Team! We deeply value your expertise in fields such as translation and technical services.

Suggestions and feedback; website language translation; to provide technical expertise; or to become a partner.

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